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My patchwork quilt

The fabric is a little worn out today
Weathered by the climes of fate
Worn out but not decayed

The bright patches ,do you see them
The ones in red laced with white ?
Cut out from my mother’s apron
As I close my eyes, and will back time
I can almost smell her perfume
As she hugs me tight to her bosom
Mingled with the aromas and flavours
Of casseroles cooking in her happy kitchen

They remind me of the time I was a little girl
It’s good to go home ever once in a while
To remember, that I too was once a child

The calico print patches ,in yellow and luscious green
Remind me of days when I was a tenacious teen
Toys and books took a back seat
Boys and good looks made my heart skip a beat

Entwined and interlocked firmly within
Is a piece of dull cloth ,off white and cream
Cut out from my shimmering gown
Worn when I was the reigning prom queen
Those were my golden years , which like
The gown has now lost some of its sheen.

The patchwork quilt is a jamboree of many fabrics
Most bright interspersed with a variety of patches
Though they may seem to have been arranged at random
They have been arranged according to a pattern in divine wisdom

While they seem unmatched
If I try to single out one and from the rest detach
I dare not as then , the stitches will fall weak
Moreover , each piece when knit together
Makes my beloved patchwork quilt come complete.


Eyes that can see…

Old habits they say …die hard. Some say that it takes 21 days to make or / and break a habit. Others cite 2 months , and yet someone else may say even longer .

A point worth pondering upon . So what does that mean ? Does it say that the mind is controlled by the body ? and not vice versa? So if you follow a routine for 21 days , it can change the way you think ? It can control what you do ? Does this hold true for good habits as well as bad habits ?

I have found that good habits are easier to break and difficult to enforce . As for bad habits ..well ..ask the chain smoker whos been struggling to give up smoking . Ask the young lad addicted to his online games ,the Xbox or whatever .

The common factor amongst all such people , will be that they have at one time in their lives compromised with the reasoning of their minds, their inner voices , their moral sense of right and wrong , lost the battle with their will power ….compromised and traded it all for fleeting moments of pleasure and lost their peace …forever.

Despite health warnings and awareness about the harm caused by that slender stick of pure destruction , the chain smoker is unable to resist taking that puff . He / she is enslaved. Often you will hear them say …they want to but are unable to leave the habit.

I have yet to meet anyone who is “enslaved” to a “good” habit.

I can only conclude that we sometimes have eyes which don’t see, and ears that don’t hear. There are laws which govern the universe which apply to man too , there are spiritual laws , laws of nature …unseen but powerful. All of nature bows in obedience and reverence to the Creator …..all except man.



“Happiness” ….that elusive butterfly!

Close your eyes . And imagine ….

A beautiful , colorful butterfly ….flitting in and through the bushes. Lo

A little boy… running after it…to catch it. Oh ! that flighty, amazing butterfly.How you long to possess it! But the butterfly is quick and light .It gives you a chase . You sneak up slowly…..there… you almost have it… ..almost.

OOps! It evades you …yet again!

Finally, exhausted, you are ready to give up …when Lo and Behold! ..it does come within your grasp!

Careful! Don’t clasp it too tightly or you’ll clip its wings and it’ll wither away.

Well…That’s happiness for you!

I see so many posts and articles these days on how to be happy. Some one says happiness is to be found within you. Another will describe the little things one could do to achieve that prized state of being.And yet another post will dwell on some other aspect. Reading all this, one should think that the world should indeed have become a very,very happy place to live in and the human race a mighty happy lot.Oh how I wish this were true!

Finding happiness is big business ! Enough has already been said about that butterfly called Happy….Oh I do not entirely disagree with what has been said, but I would like to look at this through a different lens.

As introspections begin… I ask myself …”WHY ” why is it so important to “BE” Happy? Everyone on this planet craves happiness and consciously or subconsciously or unconsciously we search for it everywhere…..

A majority of us look for it in people , relationships, love, material possessions, money , power, food-yes even food….the list goes on and on…. And yet…it eludes us…the more u run towards it, the further it goes leaving us unsatisfied , disappointed , frustrated and angry.

So what is the answer ? Where, How do we find it? Happiness is, desire driven , circumstantial and is a state of mind at a given time. There may be many happy moments in one’s life.For someone who has been jobless for too long, his happiest moment is when he gets his appointment letter for the job hes been praying for , for another it is when she gets a new piece of jewelry she has craved for , for someone else it is when he wins a prize, and for that “crazily in love” couple….the day they finally exchange vows.

When circumstances are in our favor we say “life is good’ We are “happy”. To some who have lived a life of want, happiness is linked to bodily or materialistic cravings .Once the craving is fulfilled, the satisfaction, the thrill , the happiness quotient wears off and is replaced with another “unattainable ” craving.We obsess about something unattainable , which we crave for, long for, believing we will finally be happy when we possess it. But that is never the case. “………and they all lived happily ever after” is only good in fairy tales. So where from do I find everlasting happiness? The one which is here to stay?The “happily ever after ” kind?

Maybe the answer to this is found in another question. Why is it so important for me to be happy? What am I actually looking for in the “guise” of happiness? Yes.. we are all searching … looking for something… Fulfillment. Completeness. There is something missing in all our lives . But alas we are looking in the wrong places.

St Augustine has observed, ” The soul is restless until it rest in You O Lord”

We may all be born complete, where the body is concerned. But there is something, some part missing deep in the depths of our souls, and to be the best version of ourselves, we need to find that missing part which will complete us. Which fits in perfectly. In effect we are looking for that.We are not at peace, restless from within, angry because we cannot handle the restlessness –simply because often we don’t even know the cause. Its really not “happiness” we are in search of. We are looking …our souls are looking for something else. Something deeper.A deeper union. This and only this can bring everlasting joy and contentment to the soul.

A union with the creator. We call Him the great “I am” He is God.

He is not to be found in the noise of the world. But He will be found by all who seek Him with all their heart and soul.

Jeremiah 29:13 “When you search for me , you will find me if you seek me with all your heart”

One has to seek Him… earnestly…down to the depths of our soul. In silence, meditation and prayer.

Isaiah 59 :1 ,2

“See the Lord’s hand is not too short to save ,nor his ear too dull to hear .Rather , your iniquities have been barriers between you and your God, and your sins have hidden his face from you so that he doesn’t hear.”

God is Holy . To come before Him , we have to be without sin. Which one of us can claim to be Holy and sinless? But we have hope..We have a savior who has taken upon himself all our sins…for all eternity.If only we accept the sacrifice.

Isaiah 53: verse 11 says

“The righteous one ,my servant shall make many righteous and he shall bear their iniquities.

verse 12 goes on to say

He poured out himself to death , and was numbered with the transgressors.Yet he bore the sins of many and made intercession for the transgressors.

Who is the “righteous one ” the prophet Isaiah prophesied about ? None other than the son of God …Jesus Christ.

The way ,the truth and the life.

The source of all JOY.He satisfies my soul.

For most part of our lives we go around unhappy and restless, not understanding why and searching for happiness and joy in relationships, money, power when the answer lies elsewhere. It lies in the source of JOY. When we sit in His presence we are enveloped in JOY.. which is not dependent on anything or anyone. It makes you feel a bubble in your chest,and u feel happy –so happy and don’t know why. This is true happiness and it stays with you. It is JOY .

This New Year as the world wishes each other a “Happy New Year” I wish you all a year of seeking and finding Him …, may your souls find contentment in His presence and may you have joy… “Joy” which the world cannot take away .




I, Me and Myself

This should have probably been my first post , but at the risk of sounding so very , very cliched…. better late than never.

Ahem…. so here goes… a little bit about myself.

I have something to say… a lot to say. So… I write.

I feel… I think, and , I need to express.

I write to reach out to people ,who would perhaps gain from what I have learnt…

I call myself a sincere writer…. straight from the heart.

I do not aim to write about religion and spirituality but invariably that’s where I end up , as I found myself in Christ.

I, Me and Myself …found each other in the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.