Choose to be brave…… you have nothing to lose but your fears.

When i think “brave”, I picture the little shepherd boy David accepting the challenge of the proud , haughty and towering Philistine-Goliath. I get the goosebumps when I picture that scene in the theater of my mind’s eye…

To those of you unfamiliar with that biblical episode, David was a young shepherd boy and his role was to look after his father’s flock. His brothers were enrolled in the Israelite army. One day he was sent carrying food for his brothers. This happened during the time when Israel was at war with Philistine. The Philistines had a big, proud giant in their midst, named Goliath. He challenged the Israelite army day after day , to come and fight him. The entire army was paralyzed with fear. David walks in at this point, and sees the fear writ large on their faces. He announces that he would fight the giant; amidst opposition from his own brothers, who were driven more by jealousy than concern- after all David was the insignificant youngest brother of them all, whose job was to tend sheep.

However, David ignored their murmurings and walked into the fight , confident, not in his own strength, but having faith that God would deliver Goliath into his hands. He wore no armor , nor did he carry any weapons except his sling and 5 small stones. And that was enough! Goliath was knocked out cold!

Even as I write this , I want to clap my hands in glee , and applaud David’s spirit. Yes, he WAS brave – not because he knocked out Goliath, but because he did not dwell on his fears but he chose faith in God and affirmed words of confidence in the one who could do all things., and literally swung into action. He was self confident and  comfortable in his own skin. He refused to wear the heavy armor worn by the rest ,(recognizing that it would hinder his movement maybe) or pick up unfamiliar weapons to fight Goliath.He fought him on his own terms. And won.

We all encounter “Goliaths” in our lives. Goliath instilled fear in the people. Fear is real and not to be ridiculed. I am sure David too would have experienced that emotion- even if momentarily. I empathize with all those battling fears. My 10 year old son is still struggling to sleep alone in the room at night. There are some who are scared of the dark, some who afraid to speak up in public gatherings, children fear the unfamiliarity of new surroundings and being left alone without their normal caregivers. We are all afraid to die, and scared of the unknown.The imagination can play terrifying games if fear lies within.

However, you can choose to be “brave” – when you decide not to turn a blind eye to injustice being done to another and speak up for the oppressed; when you decide to go against the tide and ignore the voices around you and listen to your heart and follow your dream. You are brave ,every time you choose to tackle your Goliath head on.

You don’t need to enroll in the army to prove yourself brave. To all those brave people , standing up against their Goliaths…..I applaud your spirit and I have no doubts that , if you persist, you will overcome!



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