Simply speaking…

Life…. keep it simple and make it large….larger than life itself.

2019…..The world today….too much noise, too many gadgets, chores simplified yet… still busy…no time?

SSShhhhhh …Silence

Stop…. Think… Examine.


But no! We choose to run away.

Running away… does not always need a suitcase , cause thoughts do not need to be clothed , some come with an invisible mask.

Let top up the volume.. , make some Noise… maybe a lot of noise will dim the sounds of that still inner voice?

Rush… maybe if we are so preoccupied, we won’t have the time to think, or listen to that “gentle voice”.

Free will… our greatest weapon when we choose well and yet to some the worst weapon of self destruction.

With this free will, we make decisions that crush that voice of our “conscience” or the spirit of goodness , inherently present in all man….Till we can hear it no more.

But we cannot kill it. Its still around and is unhappy, and it makes us restless.

Hence,we start running. Hold on !…. Where can we escape from ourselves ?

At some point we will need to stop….. I hope, before the “full stop.”

Are you one of those who say, “Life is bad and unfair”…..?

The rule of nature…. as you sow so shall you reap.Look back… rewind… you will find your answers. Did you sow a good seed ? Were your deeds good?

If so , Great ! keep nurturing the good seed you plant, it WILL grow and bear fruit….some day at the right time.There is always a “right” time for everything. Till then stop trying to uproot the tender sapling and look for fruits.Believe and know that your efforts will bear fruit at the RIGHT time.

Be grateful , you will develop patience and peace while waiting.

But, even if you didn’t sow well…. all is not lost.Never give up on life.

Understand…that life is your best teacher.

Be open…to receiving its lessons.Be like clay, He is the potter and you are in His very able hands.

Would you like to trade your unhealthy stress levels, high blood pressure, Substances abused (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs) wrongful addictions, sleeplessness, restlessness ….for something better? Like joy and inner peace? The choice is yours…Its how you want to exercise your free will.

If you have chosen life, then….

Seek HIM… The source of all Goodness…. through Prayer and meditation

Persist till you find Him ….Surrender !! Connect ! AND Receive His Holy Spirit of truth.

The truth and only the truth can set you free.

The soul already knows … hence the restlessness within you.

The Holy Spirit of God will lead YOU gently, convict you and give you every grace you need to accept the truth.

Love , Love , Love.

Repent, Reconcile,Heal.

Glow with the joy which comes from His presence and the inner peace within you.

Spread His love.

What else does one need today but …Inner peace.

The soul is restless until it rests in Him.

For we are a part of Him, made in his image and likeness and the breathe of life is His, breathed into a lifeless body made out of dust. Of course we will be restless until our soul connects to His through the medium of prayer and meditation.

Is it too simple? What complicates it then ? We are blinded , by the ruler of this world. The father of lies and deception…The wolf in sheep’s clothing..The evil one himself.He exists ! He can only tempt you, but we can resist him with our free will and he will flee from us…Alas ! man is weak and we do the very things we do not want to do.

Hence , we need a Saviour.. Jesus Christ. To buy us out. He exchanged His life for ours….The life of God… for the life of man.Was it a good bargain? A good deal? Apparently HE considered it worth every drop of his Blood.

Why then are we complicating life by running around in circles ….to fill the void in our lives …in search of love…. in search of happiness??

We are looking in wrong places. Hence we are still empty.

Look for Love -to the source of all love. For it all boils down to the souls need to find love and to love.

And you will be content.






3 thoughts on “Simply speaking…

  1. Aishwarya Mallya

    Hey Jenny – truly awesome for a start. Well penned your impromptu Thoughts. As I read, I feel the debt in your expressions and zest for life. Good going. Keep writing. The more you write, the more clarity u will hv and the more you will learn and lots you will teach people. God bless. Take care. Truly super duper


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