Eyes that can see…

Old habits they say …die hard. Some say that it takes 21 days to make or / and break a habit. Others cite 2 months , and yet someone else may say even longer .

A point worth pondering upon . So what does that mean ? Does it say that the mind is controlled by the body ? and not vice versa? So if you follow a routine for 21 days , it can change the way you think ? It can control what you do ? Does this hold true for good habits as well as bad habits ?

I have found that good habits are easier to break and difficult to enforce . As for bad habits ..well ..ask the chain smoker whos been struggling to give up smoking . Ask the young lad addicted to his online games ,the Xbox or whatever .

The common factor amongst all such people , will be that they have at one time in their lives compromised with the reasoning of their minds, their inner voices , their moral sense of right and wrong , lost the battle with their will power ….compromised and traded it all for fleeting moments of pleasure and lost their peace …forever.

Despite health warnings and awareness about the harm caused by that slender stick of pure destruction , the chain smoker is unable to resist taking that puff . He / she is enslaved. Often you will hear them say …they want to but are unable to leave the habit.

I have yet to meet anyone who is “enslaved” to a “good” habit.

I can only conclude that we sometimes have eyes which don’t see, and ears that don’t hear. There are laws which govern the universe which apply to man too , there are spiritual laws , laws of nature …unseen but powerful. All of nature bows in obedience and reverence to the Creator …..all except man.



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