My patchwork quilt

The fabric is a little worn out today
Weathered by the climes of fate
Worn out but not decayed

The bright patches ,do you see them
The ones in red laced with white ?
Cut out from my mother’s apron
As I close my eyes, and will back time
I can almost smell her perfume
As she hugs me tight to her bosom
Mingled with the aromas and flavours
Of casseroles cooking in her happy kitchen

They remind me of the time I was a little girl
It’s good to go home ever once in a while
To remember, that I too was once a child

The calico print patches ,in yellow and luscious green
Remind me of days when I was a tenacious teen
Toys and books took a back seat
Boys and good looks made my heart skip a beat

Entwined and interlocked firmly within
Is a piece of dull cloth ,off white and cream
Cut out from my shimmering gown
Worn when I was the reigning prom queen
Those were my golden years , which like
The gown has now lost some of its sheen.

The patchwork quilt is a jamboree of many fabrics
Most bright interspersed with a variety of patches
Though they may seem to have been arranged at random
They have been arranged according to a pattern in divine wisdom

While they seem unmatched
If I try to single out one and from the rest detach
I dare not as then , the stitches will fall weak
Moreover , each piece when knit together
Makes my beloved patchwork quilt come complete.


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